This new edition, both in Korean and English, contains Taekwondo's basic movements and poomsae in a standardised and uniformed manner, and will serve as a reference book for Taekwondo students.



  • Seogi (stances)
  • Makki (blocks)
  • Jireugi (closed hand strikes)
  • Chigi (open hand strikes)
  • Chagi (kicks)
  • Poomsae (forms)
    • Taegeuk 1 - 8 jang (colour belt forms)
    • Koryo (1st Dan)
    • Keumgang (2nd Dan)
    • Taebaek (3rd Dan)
    • Pyongwon (4th Dan)
    • Sipjin (5th Dan)
    • Jitae (6th Dan)
    • Chonkwon (7th Dan)
    • Hansu (8th Dan)
    • Ilyeo (9th Dan)

The Textbook of Taekwondo Poomsae

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