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Hello Blue Mountains Taekwondo friends and family!

As of this week we will be no longer hosting an online class, and will instead be opening up Thursday nights regular in person class schedule! 🎉🎉🎉

Make sure you continue to book your classes via the members app. For now, the class size restrictions are still in place. If you do not book, and we exceed the limit of people inside the gym, you may be asked to leave. Parents will need to continue to wait outside unfortunately.

We will continue to stream every class via Zoom, so if you still would prefer to join in online, you will be able to do so.

Tournament Training

From July 1st, sport competitions and training with contact is allowed in NSW. While we are still trying to wrap our head around the words "contact sport is allowed" alongside "maintain 4 square meters per person", we are keen to get this class up and running again!

PARENTS - let us know if your child is keen to return to this class. Our focus will be on fitness and drills more than actual sparring. This means flexibility and strength training, and drills to improve the students reaction times and footwork. If you are keen, please let us know!

With enough demand we will open this class again.

Private Classes

We are offering private sessions for Taekwondo or personal training. This is great for anyone who has a specific goal they would like help working on, students who want extra help with forms or techniques, or even for people who would prefer to work one on one with their instructors undivided attention. Sessions run for 30 minutes or 60 minutes and can be purchased through the members app!

Yet to Return?

Classes are in full swing now, and while some things may still be a bit different, it is great to get back into routine! Our classes will be running as normal during the school holidays, and leading into Term 3, so if you are yet make it back on the mats, there is still plenty of time.

Get in touch with Belinda or David to discuss renewing your membership, and booking into classes!

See you all soon!

Belinda & David

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