Holiday Timetable, Term 4 News, Term 3 Recap!

Term 3 has come to an end! Everyone worked very hard this term and we noticed a lot of growth and improvement in our Taekwondo and Fighting Fit students. Let's maintain that momentum and continue training and practicing hard for an even bigger and better term 4!

Holiday Timetable

We are open all school holidays. During this time, our Taekwondo classes will focus on fun challenges and games. A lot of students take the opportunity during the holidays to go away, therefore we will be running a slightly different timetable for the Term 3 School Holidays. This school holidays we will be combining our Junior and Senior Taekwondo classes. Parents! Come join in with your kids and have some fun for free!

Our regular timetable will resume from the start of Term 4, on October 14th 2019.

Term 4 News!


We are looking to enter the ASMA Spring Open on the 13th of October 2019. This is open to all students who attend our Tournament Training classes. If you are interested, please let us know ASAP! Entries close on the 4/10/19. We will be entering more and more tournaments. If you are interested in what it's all about, feel free to try out a class on Saturday.

Tough Mudder!

Blue Mountains Taekwondo has a team entering Tough Mudder 2019! We are attending on the 17th of November 2019 and will be completing the 5KM course. Contact Belinda if you would like to join the team. All students over 16 years of age, Fighting Fit members, and parents are welcome to join.

Black Belt Grading

The Term 4 grading will also feature our annual black belt grading. Black belt gradings are always exciting events. More information regarding this, and our end of term grading for all coloured belts, will be announced in Term 4.

Term 3 Recap!


This term we held our grading on a Saturday. It was a great opportunity for students from all 6 of our Junior and Senior Taekwondo classes to come together to demonstrate their skills and techniques and to celebrate each others' achievements.

Congratulations to the following students who graded!

Ella C., Luka C., Elliot S., Jeong Min S., Emily B., Riley C., Matthew E., Natasha T., Atilla Y., Owen E., Louis L., Melissa F., Zac S., Ace W., Angad P., Leonardo W., Finn C., Amy L., Estelle L., Carlyle M., Christopher M., Flynn E., and Oliver K.

Red Dragon Tournament

This term we had a team of students enter in the Red Dragon Tournament! All participants trained hard in the lead up, attending our Tournament Training class, as well as an Open Mat training day hosted by Red Dragon Taekwondo. We came away with 2 gold medals and 4 silver medals. It was an awesome day and we look forward to seeing our team entering many more tournaments in the future.

New Members

Welcome to all the new students who have joined us this term, we are super excited to see you grow into amazing martial artists!

Carlyle M., Christopher M., Elliot S., George C., Hudson A., Jack M., Jackson K., Jake B., Oliver V., Oliver K., and Max K.

We look forward to seeing you in our holiday classes, and for more fun and hard work in Term 4!

David & Belinda

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