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It’s the news we’ve all been waiting for! We can officially re-open on June 13 2020! 🎉

Below we will cover some of the restrictions and procedures in place during the transition into face-to-face classes, as well as how to book into classes, and the measures we are taking to keep you all as safe as possible.

We hope you are just as excited as we are to get back into training and learning!

Opening Dates and Timetable

We can commence face-to-face training from the 13th of June 2020.

For now, we will to offer a dedicated online class on Thursday nights from 6.30pm-7.30pm. We understand not everyone may be comfortable returning to in person classes yet, so this option will be available for the time being. We will also stream the in-person classes over Zoom, but the attention of instructors will be focused on the students in-person, and not on the students online for these classes.

Our Little Tigers class will be running on Tuesdays only for now, unless we have high enough demand for both nights.

Our Tournament class is still on hiatus and will resume once full contact training is allowed, or if there is demand from enough students to offer a contact-free session focused on sparring techniques.

All the current sessions available are subject to change depending on demand. We can only have 10 students in each class, so if we need to put on additional times, we will.

How To Book Your Class

Due to the limits imposed on us of no more than 10 people per class, we will require you to book for each class you would like to attend.

If you show up for a class you are not booked into, you may be turned away. This is something out of our control, and is a restriction put in place by the NSW Government.

You will only be able to book one class at a time via our app.

To book a class, firstly you will need to register a membership with our new membership portal, MyStudio.

  1. Download the MyStudio app and login. Our studio code is BMTKD

  2. Choose a membership option (e.g., Little Tigers)

  3. Add the participant (e.g., yourself or a family member)

  4. Choose your start date

  5. Review and approve your payment plan

Once you are a registered member, you will need to book your spot in a class.

  1. Go to the members app, find the "Resources" section and select your class.

  2. Click the button to book either your in-person class or online session.

  3. You will be taken to a calendar to register for the session.

If you are unable to find an available session for your class, contact us! We can help slot you in somewhere else, or we will adjust the timetable where possible.

Attendance Procedures

Things will be run slightly differently when you return to the Dojang! This is to ensure that, not only are we following the guidelines given to us by the NSW Government, but also that we keep you as safe as possible (you are super valuable to us after all!).

We will need to make sure the first session has fully cleared out of the room before we can give you access for your class.

We will not be able to have parents watching (we will be able to make accommodations for Little Tigers students only), and we will not have chairs available to be used within the Dojang.

When you arrive for your session, please maintain 1.5m between you and other students. You need to be on time for your class, so you can best avoid contact with the outgoing class. Please come ready to train, we won't be able to allow access to the bathrooms for people to get changed upon arrival.

If you show signs of illness, have travelled overseas in the last 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who has been unwell in the last 14 days, you will not be able to train.

As you come in, please use the hand sanitiser at the door. You will be instructed on where to stand and equipment you can use. Please do not touch any equipment without permission. Equipment will not be permitted to be shared between participants.

We ask that only 1 parent remains present (if needed) for our Little Tigers class. You will be asked to maintain 1.5m from other parents. Parents can also watch the Zoom stream from their car or from home.

When your class finishes, you won't be able to hang around and chat. You will need to exit promptly to allow time for cleaning and for the next class to enter. Parents, please make sure you are on time to pick up your children.

The majority of these procedures will only be in place for the short term, until we are given further freedom.

Additional Cleaning and Precautions

Anyone who has attended a Thursday or Saturday class already knows we are OBSESSIVE with cleaning the gym! We will be continuing with our regular cleaning as well as the strict cleaning procedures we implemented before the shutdown.

Between classes, we will be disinfecting and cleaning all equipment used, the lockers, cleaning the bathrooms, and cleaning any high- contact areas of the gym.

After every night, the mats will be cleaned and disinfected, ready for the next session.

We encourage our participants to maintain high levels of hygiene themselves. Please make sure your uniform is cleaned in between every training session, that you are washing your hands frequently with the provided soap and hand sanitiser, and that you avoid coughing or sneezing as much as possible.

Just a reminder, too! Make sure you trim your nails, you may not be able to make contact with other people, but this will help you get back into the habit, and avoid damage to the equipment and flooring.

We have installed a hand sanitiser dispenser, as well as two soap dispensers in the bathroom. These devices not only provide you with more stations to clean your hands, but will also be easier for us to sanitise. We also have disposable paper towels available in the bathrooms to minimise contact between participants.

We have completed two COVID-19 training courses to ensure we are fully-educated on everything we need to do to keep you safe. We also have a detailed COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, which has been made based on Sports Australia and Australian Taekwondo guidelines.

We are excited to see you soon!

We cannot wait to see you all in the gym again! Our classes during this transition period may be a little different still, but as restrictions are lifted, we will slowly get back to normal.

Should the worst happen, and we are forced to close again, we will revert to the online plans we had in place previously.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone who supported us in anyway they could to help keep our club running. See you soon!

Belinda & David

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