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Holiday Timetable, Term 4 News, Term 3 Recap!

Term 3 has come to an end! This term marked our return to in person training, and it has been great! It is safe to say we really missed interacting with you all in real life.

Let's recap some of our achievements over the last term and share some exciting news for term 4.

Covid-19 Safety Reminder

Things are almost back to normal, but only almost. Just a reminder to make sure you are using our app, My Studio, to book into the classes you, or your children, are attending. We unfortunately are still bound by a 4sqm per person rule, so every class has a space limit.

We ask as well that you remember to social distance while in the waiting space of the Dojang, or in the foyer.

Holiday Timetable

We are open all school holidays. During this time, our Taekwondo classes will focus on fun challenges and games. We are running the same time table, we just ask that you book in for your classes. People often go away for the holidays, so if no one books for a class, we may not run it.

Our regular classes will resume from the start of Term 4, on October 12th 2020.

Term 4 News!

Tournament Training

We are bringing back our Tournament Training class! While we think it is unlikely there will be many competitions for the rest of 2020, we are hopeful to once again compete in 2021. With that in mind, we are keen to get our students back into their regular training for tournaments.

For newer students, or those who have not been to this class previously, the class is focused on learning sparring techniques, and tournament techniques and rules. The class has a strong focus on not only sparring but also the fitness, flexibility, and strength of our students.

This class is open to all Taekwondo students, regardless of belt or experience level. It is easier to learn these skills and to start competing as a white belt than it is as a black belt! So don't delay if you are interested.

Students who are on an Unlimited membership have access to this class.

Commencing from the 17th of October, Saturdays 9.45am-10.45am.

Black Belt Grading

The Term 4 grading will also feature our annual black belt grading. Black belt gradings are always exciting events. More information regarding this, and our end of term grading for all coloured belts, will be announced in Term 4.

Spooky Week! 24th-29th October

Last year we held a very special Fighting Fit to celebrate Halloween. This year has been rough, so let's extend the fun to all classes!

Students are welcome to wear a costume to their regular class during Spooky Week. Costumes must be appropriate to train in, you will still be learning and working hard!

Fighting Fit & Tournament Training - 24th October

Little Tigers - 27th and 28th October

Junior & Senior Taekwondo - 27th, 28th, 29th October

Please note, we will be closed on the 31st of October for a special event.

Term 3 Recap!

Return to classes!

It was wonderful getting to train in the Dojang with all our members again!

We can tell all students were just as excited, all students have worked very hard this term.


This term we held our grading on Saturday the 19th of September. Although it was still not a regular grading, everyone put on their best show. At gradings students get to show off everything they have learned during the last term and to prove that they have earned their new belts!

Congratulations to the following students who graded from our Taekwondo Class!

Coby M, Max K, Lincoln M, Lulu C, Scarlett K, Luka C, Ella C, Jake B, Jeong Min S, Peter E, Matthew E, Natasha T, Emily B, Harry S, Jeremy W, Louis L, Zac S, Ace W.

Congratulations to the following students who graded from our Little Tigers Class!

Abraham R, Jake L, Darcy S, Elliot F, Alyvia S, Arielle K.

New Members

Welcome to all the new students who have joined us this term, we are super excited to see you grow into amazing martial artists!

Harry S, Coby M, Abraham R, Lincoln M, Alyvia S, Elliot F, Jake L, Mackenzie K, Lylah I, Karen W, Alejandro G, Arielle K, Vincent S, Kate L, Ari L.

We look forward to seeing you in our holiday classes, and for more fun and hard work in Term 4!

David & Belinda

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