• David Taylor

Exciting Changes Coming!

We are excited to announce that we will be moving to a dedicated Dojang in Blaxland. This will enable us to provide additional classes in a better facility, with improved training opportunities and greater training outcomes for students.

We will also be introducing a rotating curriculum for the forms. This will enable us to reduce total time spent on forms and free up time to add more variety to classes.

We will be sorting out the finer details during these school holidays, but here are the main points.

Training Facility

The new location has on-site parking, a disabled access bathroom, and is conveniently located near shops. It is ventilated and air-conditioned, making for more comfortable training in summer and winter.

We will have jigsaw mat flooring, the same as used in tournaments. This will improve safety and open up new opportunities for training (softer landings for jump kicks, break falls, rolls, takedowns, etc).

Kick shields and paddles will be on site and available for use.

For the bigger kids, there will be a half rack, barbells, dumbbells, and more.


There will be an entirely new fee structure and payment method. The aim is to streamline as much of the membership and attendance management so that class time is dedicated to training.

Additional Classes

Our existing Junior Taekwondo and Senior Taekwondo classes will run more frequently.

We will also be introducing a new class for ages 4-7: Little Tigers. The Little Tigers classes will be 30 minutes in length. The focus will be on sport-specific games and activities, with no forms to learn, and no grading pressure.

The Fighting Fit class and Tournament Sparring class, both previously held at a different location, will resume on Saturdays in the new facility.

Rotating Curriculum

We will be introducing a rotating curriculum and migrating away from the Palgue Poomsae to the Taeguek Poomsae. The Taeguek Poomsae are the official patterns of World Taekwondo. Currently, we teach 11 Poomsae (Chon-Ji Hyung, 8 Palgues, and 2 Taegueks) to the colour belts. In the future, this will reduce to the 8 Taegueks.

A rotating curriculum means fewer forms to teach per term. This will enable us to increase the time per form, while also reducing the total time on forms. We expect this will improve the quality overall, enable students to work together on their forms in larger groups, and free up more class time for other aspects of training (e.g., kicking combinations, sparring, etc).


This will be a big change. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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