End of Year Grading, Christmas Party, and Christmas Holidays!

We are fast approaching the end of the year, and with that, it is almost time for the December grading and our end of year Christmas Party!


Our Term 4 Grading will be held on the 14/12/2019. This grading will be our final one for 2019, and will also feature our annual Black Belt Grading!

Some students will have already received a grading slip. If you are yet to receive one, keep practising! We will be continuing to pre-test students in next weeks classes.

Once you do receive your grading slip, please make sure you have visited our website and filled in the grading paperwork, as well as paying your fee. This needs to be complete before the 7/12/19 to enable us to organise your belt and certificate.

On the day we will run the gradings early as we understand many people might have lunch/dinner/evening Christmas events that day. Please attend early for even more practice!

Our coloured belt grading will commence from 10am, the black belt grading is scheduled from 11am.

You are welcome to bring family to watch, but note we will have limited sitting space available.

Please hang around afterwards for the black belt grading. Please also hang around after our black belt grading, too, as we would like to get a group photo with you all, and we will have tea, coffee and snacks available.

Christmas Party

We will be having our annual end of year celebration on the 19th of December 2019 at 6pm. We will also hold our annual award presentation, acknowledging students who have worked hard and excelled during the year.

Food and drink will be provided. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements so we can cater accordingly.

All students are welcome to attend, as well as immediate family only.

Please RSVP to David or Belinda with how many people will be attending before the 7/12/2019.

Christmas Break

We will be closed over the Christmas holiday period, and will reopen classes from the 14th of January 2019.

Our last Taekwondo classes will be on the 18/12/19, due to the Christmas Party the following day. Our final Fighting Fit class will be on the 21/12/19.

We hope you all enjoy a well earned rest during this time, and keep training hard for an even bigger, and better, 2020!

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