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Red Dragon Beginners Tournament

The Red Dragon Beginner's Tournament was on Sunday March 24th, 2019. This tournament was the perfect opportunity for students to test what they have learned in a safe, fair, family-friendly environment.

This year the tournament took place at the Australian College of Physical Education at Sydney Olympic Park. What a venue!

Competitors ranged from white belts to black belts, some as young as 6 years old to... quite a bit older than that.

Family and friends joined together to celebrate the performances of all the students. This competitive, yet supportive, atmosphere helped boost every student's confidence and self-esteem, win or lose. I believe one of the best ways to reinforce lessons is to test what you have learned under pressure, even if... especially if that means facing down the pressure of a loss. This was the perfect atmosphere for students to do just that.

Our team of entrants, coached by myself and Belinda Halpenny, were a mixed bunch. We had entrants from Blue Mountains Taekwondo, The Phoenix Way Taekwondo, and Viper Martial Arts: Ace, Atilla, Daniel, Finn, Jamie, Lily, and Zac. Between them, they came away with 3 gold medals and 4 silver medals. A fantastic result, especially considering they only started learning the rules and training for the tournament with 4 weeks to spare! Regardless of the medals, it was amazing to see what these kids are capable of when they set their minds on a goal and knuckle down and work hard towards it. I am very proud of their efforts.

A big thumbs up to John Tsoutis, Michael Smith, Adam Hopper, and the entire team at Red Dragon Taekwondo. Also, a big thank you from myself and Belinda Halpenny for the opportunity to learn the Daedo PSS software and the updated tournament rules.

Big thumbs up!
Big thumbs up!

Speaking of Belinda... a big thank you to Belinda, too, who worked hard all day to make sure our students were ready ahead of their matches, were calm and relaxed (or as near to that state as possible!), and took the time to learn the ins and outs of scoring and coaching.

We now have our sights set on more tournaments in the future. Let's grow our tournament team and get even more experience under our belts.

Our new tournament training class will continue until the end of term. The classes are on Saturdays, 9:45-10:45am, at Mountain Thunder Boxing & Fitness, 3 Tayler Road, Valley Heights. These classes are open to all students. You do not need to enter a tournament in order to attend the tournament training classes. I bet you'll want to, though!

Now that this tournament is behind us we will spend a lot more time drilling the basics and slowly ramping up for the next tournament. The theme of each class will be: sweating, smiling, learning.

Sweating, smiling, learning
Sweating, smiling, learning

We'll also see about running more Open Mat sessions with Red Dragon and, hopefully, if everything works out... in the future we might even host some of the Open Mat sessions at Blue Mountains Taekwondo.

See you in class!

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